Tony and Peggy


August, 2005. We drove from the San Francisco Bay Area east through Yosemite National Park over Tioga Pass to Mono Lake just east of the park. After changing our minds several times, we decided to drive through Death Valley to Las Vegas instead of backtracking through Yosemite to get to Kings Canyon, which can only be entered from the west side. After experiencing the weirdness of Las Vegas, we drove, via Hoover Dam, to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. The photos have more detail. We took over 200 photos over the course of seven days. Here are a few highlights.


Tony and Shannon

Along Highway 120, Tioga Pass toward Tuolumne Meadows.


'Tufas' at South Tufa area of Mono Lake


Peggy, Shannon, Tony




Posing with tin whistle in Death Valley. Approximately 117 degrees Fahrenheit. Whistle was getting pretty hot. My ears were stinging from the heat. Back into the car quickly.


A bear made a lot of noise at our campsite the night before near Mono Lake. This is the only bear we actually saw.

Near a turnoff for Zabriski Point in Death Valley.


We couldn't get over the window between the bedroom and the bathroom shower in the hotel room in Las Vegas (The Rio). I took this shot standing on the bed.



From an airplane. We did a flight in the morning, then were driven to a hiking spot and taken on a pontoon boat tour about 10 miles down the calm part of the Colorado River just below Lake Powell Dam.


We never saw more than the first tier of canyon wall from the river. The higher levels are too far back beyond the visible cliffs.




The boat stopped at a beach and we had a lunch served. I took out my whistle and played a tune. My daughter, Shannon, was mortified. Even worse so when I played one on the boat. I played the slow air, "Were You at the Rock?" while we floated between the canyon walls with the engine off.


The next day, we walked around on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.



Took a little nerve doing this pose.

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